Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Calendar 2.0 Sub-Committee: Work-to-Date

It’s time for an update from the Calendar 2.0 Sub-Committee! This Committee is now meeting throughout the summer to discuss and create plans related to the intersessions in the proposed Calendar 2.0 for the 2014-2015 school year.

The group’s first meeting was held in April – discussion included:
  • Establishing a general timeline for work that needed to be done 
  • Starting a “Partner” list – essentially, identifying various community/business organizations that would need to be involved in planning to ensure the concept of intersessions was viable and reasonable 
The second meeting occurred in early June – discussion included:
  • Providing updates around how Calendar 2.0 was being communicated to staff and school board members 
  • Beginning to craft key messaging themes to address legitimate concerns posed by staff and community 
  • Establishing the concept of regional meetings – there will be six regional meetings for anyone interested in Calendar 2.0 to attend and discuss the proposal with Superintendents and Partners – these dates/locations are yet to be determined 
  • The reason these are being planned for the fall is to provide time to more fully flesh out details related to the Calendar, especially with the Partners
The third and most recent meeting occurred June 20, with representatives from a few Partners (the Flynn Theater, regional libraries, VT Afterschool):
  • There is interest among several Partner organizations to thoughtfully create opportunities for students, families and staff during the proposed intersessions for no (or minimal) costs 
  • Representatives at this meeting will plan for an upcoming “Partner Summit” – expanding the Partner group to several organizations throughout the region 
  • The goal is for Partners to come together to discuss the proposed calendar and opportunities it creates 
  • In the meantime, regional superintendents will gather research they’ve done related to school calendars to post online 

The Calendar 2.0 Sub-Committee is made up of the following CVSA members: Judy DeNova, John Albergini, John Barone, Jay Nichols, Jeanne Collins