Monday, July 22, 2013

How does State Statute influence local calendar decisions?

By VT Statute Title 16, the superintendents whose students attend regional technical centers are required to set a 175-student-day calendar. For the Champlain Valley region, this includes all the schools whose students can attend either Burlington Technical Center or the Center for Technology, Essex. This is a straight up or down vote of the regional superintendents (usually after reviewing draft calendars for several months prior to the vote, and usually after having received input from their individual faculties/ boards). The vote does not have to be unanimous, but the outcome of the vote applies to all schools within the tech center region.

Here is the text from Title 16, §1071(e):
Regional calendar. Before April 1 of each year, the superintendents of schools and the headmasters of public schools not managed by school boards in an area shall meet, and by majority vote, establish a uniform calendar within that area for the following school year. The calendar shall include student attendance days, periods of vacation, holidays and teacher in-service education days and shall comply with subsection (a) of this section. Unless permitted by the commissioner, no area served by a regional technical center shall be divided into two or more calendar regions.

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